story of the Romanian buses



... about the project

Technical ilustrations and historic vehicles

One of the arguments of this site is the author's fondness for vehicles, particularly buses, since childhood.
This passion has been enriched and sustained by technical knowledge and skills in graphic representation.

About technical illustrations

Work technique:
pencil and technical pen with drawing ink, crayons and computer processing.

Graphic restauration of historic vehicles

Technological and economic changes leave a print on the design of different generations of vehicles we met in our everyday life. Oblivion and even ignorance leave almost lost the image of many vehicles we were accompanied by in our childhood or in the past years of our lives. Others are already in an almost unknown history. Graphic restoration may be a last chance to review them or know them.

Story of the Romanian buses

The project of graphic restoration of some vehicles, and in particular models of buses, trolleybuses or minibuses which were built or ran in Romania, is a manifestation of the two foundations.

Graphic restoration objective of vehicles in recent history met the field of industrial archeology in a few happy situations when the dimensions and construction details were already unknown due to lack of documents and documentation.
An important source of information have been and remain both forums devoted to - especially by very competent postings of some authors, who I would like to thank them on this way.
But in most cases - the sizes were determined simply by the author's measuring.